Chef Maurice

Press / Testimonials

Maurice was employed by my family for ten months during 2005-2006 in Israel, and for six months during 2006-2007 in New York.

The range of foods that Maurice is comfortable cooking is enormous. He cooked wonderful healthy meals full of grains, fresh vegetables and fruits, endless types of chicken dishes for my husband, children friendly foods and drinks, and all types of ethnic dishes. I particularly enjoyed his Moroccan and Indian cuisine.  His dishes were delicious as well as colorful and beautifully presented.

Maurice always went the extra mile in bringing smiles to our faces and ensuring we thoroughly enjoyed our meals. There is no store he would not visit to procure the items needed for someone’s desired meal and he worked tirelessly, often into the night, to keep us well fed and to surprise us with some new dish he knew we would love.

Maurice is a very warm, kind and colorful person who endeared himself to everyone in my immediate and extended family and anyone who had a chance to spend time with him in the kitchen.  His food reflects his vibrant and loving personality and it is true treat to eat meals prepared by Maurice.

If you need further information, Maurice can provide you with our contact information.

Abbie G., New York City, New York

We ate well during our stay in Israel, thanks to Maurice. He's a serious chef who is very eager to please the tastes and interests of his clients. He works extremely hard to find the best ingredients and knows how to bring out their best. Maurice has good ideas about food and is easy to work with. He's always available to discuss menu ideas and tries very hard to respect his client's schedule. Some of our summer favorite were gazpacho (both red and green), bourekas and his amazing chocolate cake.

Jane G., California